(Duration 15min, 2 channel video w. live performance)
“Suspense” is a visually metaphorical installation that studies movement and transition, both physically and sonically. It examines the dualistic relationships between the real and the imagined, the seen and the unseen, motion and stillness. The result will be an examination of how we approach and experience new things—and the tension and release that accompanies their arrival. It will play out on multiple screens displaying multiple angles of gymnasts and musicians as they move towards their futures.

What makes an image stronger emotionally when sound is added? When is silence stronger than sound or words? These are questions the film maker and the composer need to address. This work looks at breaking down the accepted hierarchical relationships of image and sound, as the score is developed from moving images of musicians playing short musical fragments, and then in turn reconstructed for a live chamber ensemble.

Music by The Turning Point Ensemble

> 2013 Push festival in Vancouver

Behind the scenes