OVERVIEW A single thread weaves through all of them: they involve the rational observation of one's mental state over time. This introspection becomes the foundation for a broad-ranging examination of personal relationships-both with ourselves and with our personal worlds. The first piece starts with a simple premise: people sit in front of a camera with no script and nothing to do. The next piece deals with memory, the third is a metaphoric look at balance in our lives and the final one examines our relationship to the things we possess. Taken together they should produce a meditative exploration of an activity in which we all engage, whether we realize it or not.

These four works are complete.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 13.03.55.png

UNSPOKEN For over a year, we invited 350 people to sit for a silent, fifteen second film portrait. Few were confident from the start. Many began uncomfortably, but grew into the role. Almost all showed “transitional states” during which they relaxed or displayed unique signs of how they were feeling. The 9-channel installation shows these portraits at critical or transitional moments where much is said and much is unspoken.

9 channels,  duration 01:16:00



RETICULUM  explores memory through fragmentary insights into a woman’s life, from the initial cognition of babyhood to the flickering congruity of our waning days. Listeners connect to her experiences, sharing her inner dialog–a conversation with self that lends perspective, humor, distance and context to what we’ve been through and how we choose to remember it. Sometimes blurred and troublesome, often evocative and transcendent, always subjective and personal, Reticulum reveals how personal reflections can become the bearers of individual and family ethos through the power of recall.

2 channels,  duration 00.20.58 min


Screenshot 2015-12-10 13.04.24.png

SPINNING is a video installation that investigates human relationships through movement. We asked the dancers to convey a series of interpersonal exchanges. For example, one of the dancers conveys love; while the object of that love dances to express that the relationship is platonic. The dancers act out anger, pleasure, indifference, or a simple request, like asking a favor. The emotions that are expressed are both profound and trivial, and the dancers are free to interpret these requests with their bodies as they wish. Together, the dancers create a complex mosaic of human interaction, covering much of the underlying emotion of human experience.

4 channels,  duration 08:22 min



WHO'S COUNTING looks at what the artists have in their home. Everything from how many teaspoons are in a drawer to the number of pillows on the bed have been photographed. If it is not attached to the wall, it is counted as an object. Room by room the artists look at how many objects they own. How many things do you own? The number may surprise you.

17 Color Prints mounted on Aluminum - 24” x 36”



TECHNICAL All four works are complete. They are multi-channel pieces. We feel the number of channels are optimal for each piece. However these can be configured in a variety of ways.  We are willing to work with you and your technical staff to make this work for your museum.  

DESIGN Once we are engaged we typically will develop a design for the exhibition.  We also have a technical team who can specify equipment and program the entire exhibition if needed. We will work with your curatorial staff to create the best presentation possible.

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