Who Do You Trust explores the universal question of what trust means and how we perceive it … using new cinematic portraiture techniques and modern dance we hope to draw viewers deep into the questions of how our ever changing society interacts with the concepts of trust. Also will technology change our ideas about trust as we move deeper into a transparent world? 


The audience and the dancers share the same space. The audience is asked to enter the room (depending on the size of the theater maybe between 20 to 100 people at a time) and they are asked to stand in predetermined spots and asked to stay perfectly still.  When the show begins the screens that contain portraits of people speaking about trust come alive. (they could begin as still images until that time). At the same time the dancers enter the room and move about the audience. Sometime coming very close or even ever so lightly touching an audience member. The dancers will move quickly necessitating the importance of the audience members stay still in their place so the dancers,who know their moves and perform with out interruption and no one is harmed. They have to trust one another.

We can also use lighting and other effects to help us to tell our story. One idea would be to have live video cameras projecting images of what is going on in the room in the room. I’m imagining the piece is no longer than 15-20 minutes and then the next group comes in.

We are imagining this a video installation with intermittent dance performances and a separate staged dance piece.

This outline and diagram is a place to begin the conversation.


We've been working with Joan Jeanrenaud former cellist from the Kronos Quartet who has written and preformed several new pieces of music for the TRUST project.

Here is a sample  

Screen shots from video - Choreographed and performed by KAMBARA + DANCERS



• Why do people trust you?
• Who do you trust? (besides your spouse or significant other)
• What happens when there is trust ?
• How do you earn someones trust?

Interview Trailer - 04:00 minutes

"Who do you Trust?"  10:00 minutes- short film - Single channel (early iteration)