(10 channel, 8:22min)

Spinning is a video installation that investigates human relationships through movement. Four dancers are filmed on rotating platforms, acting out a spontaneous emotional play. The camera captures their movements as they approach one another and recede, spinning through a series of changing interrelationships, much like humans do in everyday life.

The piece is structured by video artists David Hodge and Hi-Jin Hodge who asked the dancers to convey a series of interpersonal exchanges. For example, one of the dancers conveys love; while the object of that love dances to express that the relationship is platonic. The dancers act out anger, pleasure, indifference, or a simple request, like asking a favor. The emotions that are expressed are both profound and trivial, and the dancers are free to interpret these requests with their bodies as they wish. Together, the dancers create a complex mosaic of human interaction, covering much of the underlying emotion of human experience.

Music composed by Jay Cloidt

>16 May- 3 June 2012 at Fotografiska