In the light of Bergman - A life on Fårö

(1 channel video, 50min)


'In The Light of Bergman - A Life in Fårö' is a documentary we made as artists-in-residence at the Bergman Estate at Dämba, Fårö. This documentary film is about the impact Ingmar Bergman had on this small island community and the impact the community had on him. During our residency in September 2017, we interviewed 27 people from the island who talked candidly about their experiences with Bergman, either directly or indirectly and how their lives were impacted by him. They also spoke about being a “Fåröbo" and what it means and how the island culture is changing since Bergman’s time. This film is shot in the beautiful natural setting of Fårö, and the people of the island share their stories about this wondrous place.

Link to the full film >>