(1 channel video, 60min)

People everywhere are drawn to sit and stare at the ocean. Its changing face, its crushing power, and its sheer vastness are inescapable. To capture a sense of its immensity, influence, and ability to connect the world, David and Hi-jin filmed wave action at the same stretch of ocean in Miramar, California, every day, at the same time, for an entire year. This footage was then edited into an appealing film that captures changing colors, wave patterns, and reflections of the sea, sky, and beach.

Watertime can be flexibly presented in a number of spaces: either a single flat wall, an outdoor projection, or along three walls of a room as a single continuous image. The room-sized installation perhaps works best, as it intensifies the viewers’ experience of the ocean’ movement and power, while providing a separate, quiet space for contemplation.

>> Watertime iPhone application