Temporal State of Being

(3 channel video, 4min)

This film explores the idea that twenty-first century life is lived, to a surprising degree, in a context of boxes of our own making. Have we lost a sense of the boundlessness and seamlessness of space and time, because of the pervasively rectangular environments and of everyday life? How does the “boxiness” of our civilized environment affect the way we see, feel and experience the world?

Temporal State of Being explores these themes via a media installation that engages the concept of a box in many ways, at multiple levels. The viewer will visit a box – the installation itself; watch boxes in the form of video screens; see and hear respondents’ descriptions of how boxes are intertwined into daily life; and finally, be able to leave the boxes, and exit into a created aural environment that seeks to be free of boxes.

>May 25 - Sept 18, 2011 Frost Art Museum, Miami, FL