Niagara Falling

(2 Channel, 19min)

To stand at the very edge of Niagara Falls is to feel the water’s primal pull. There, where the roaring river drops away at your feet, you can partake in an ageless miracle. Yet the nearby city of Niagara Falls has seen one of the most remarkable decliens of any urban center. Where some see total collapse in less than a lifetime, others see a hometown with strong roots and culture. Still others see a landscape worshiped for its divinity over several millennia.

“Niagara Falling” is an artistic investigation, presented in a multi-dimensional, video installation. Interviews from representatives of several generations are blended with pictorial and historical material to capture the essence of this city. Its path in recent decades is laid bare without judgment or accusation in a shifting collage of shards from the past and present. Viewers are free to project their own feelings and experiences on this story of the city’s evolution.

Music written and performed by Carla Kihlstedt

> Niagara Falling book - a pictorial essay

Sept 18-Dec 6, 2015 at de Saisset museum, CA

Single Channel Version

Photo credit - Joanne Lee