(Legacy 15 channel, 110min)
(Hope 2 channel, 30min)

When we meet people, they influence us and we in turn influence them. Sometimes that influence can forever change how we see and perceive the world. The exhibition Legacy is about those traces that are left behind.

From the will of Alfred Nobel – a document that has left an enduring legacy in cultures far beyond the borders of Sweden – to the Nobel Laureates’ own stories and reflections on the legacies that they both have left and been inspired by.

In another part of the exhibition, the artwork Hope is shown, where we get a sense of how the inheritance from the past can give hope for the future. The legacy that Alfred Nobel left was an encouragement and a call for hope. The problems that humanity is faced with will be handled and solved in new ways, by a new generation of problem solvers.

The exhibition also shows Alfred Nobel’s last will and testament in public for the first time. Nobel was against inherited fortunes that he meant contributed to the laziness of humanity. The will was an ingenious way of solving this dilemma. The inheritance, in the form of a prize, would reward those who have made themselves worthy by way of their work.

Music Composed by François Houle

> March 13-Nov 15 2015 Nobel Museum

Legacy Installation Trailer - 00:01:24 Minutes

Legacy trailer - 2:31 minutes - 15 channel - Installation

Hope Trailer - 00:2:27 Minutes -2 channel - Installation

Photographs by  Åke Ericsson

Photographs - Åke E:son Lindman

Time-lapse photography of the installation during set up.