In the Memory of the Forest

Duration: 30min

Collaboration with ODC - Brenda Way

In the Memory of the Forest offers a collaboration between David Hodge and Hi-jin Hodge and choreographer Brenda Way, composer Jay Cloidt, and lighting designer and visual artist Elaine Buckholtz. The dance draws its inspiration from the experience of Way's mother-in-law, who left the Warsaw Ghetto in 1939 and made her way across Russia, Japan, and Canada to finally land in New York. This story inspires a moving visual narrative with dancers interacting with vertical columns containing hundreds of ascending and descending images. The completed work is intended to be a paean to hope, will, and artistic possibility, encapsulated in the story of a young woman who continued to live and believe in a world under siege.

Gala event at Yerba Buena Center for Arts on March 12 2009.
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EXCERPT from the performance at YBCA

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