Impermanence - 1 channel

(1 channel video, 23min)

“Impermanence: The Time of Man,” is a video installation that explores the temporal nature of life. Developed for “The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama,” it marked one the the first artistic uses of video iPods.

The installation is based on 122 interviews taken with people, who answered questions about their thoughts on the subject. These videos were edited down into short films that are shown simultaneously on a circle of the iPods. David and Hi-Jin choreographed the installation by changing the mood, tempo, rhythm and method of delivery at specific intervals during the exhibit. As viewer circle the room, they often find a face, a person, or a topic that resonates with them. Some viewers may choose to circle the room for a few minutes, taking in only a small sample of each speaker. Other may stay much longer. In the end, most leave with a deep impression about how impermanence has touched their lives.
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