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Artist Residency - Bergman Estate - Fårö, Sweden

In The Light of Bergman - A life in Fårö

As video artists, filmmakers and followers of Ingmar Bergman’s influential work we are planning to make a short narrative film about the people of Fårö, the beautiful natural setting that so attached Bergman and what the future holds for the island’s residents. We imagine this all being told through stories of the local residents of Fårö. We are curious about the impact Ingmar Bergman and his distinctive work had on this community and everyone who currently lives there.  

In Bergman’s documentaries Fårödokument (1969) and Fårödokument 1979, Bergman directed attention at the depopulation of Fårö and the drastic changes in the economic basis for the remaining population of the island – from agriculture and fishing to tourism in the summer. Today the number of full time residents is less than 500 people. What are their lives like today? Did Bergman’s influential work impact the people of Fårö in some way?

We imagine this work taking several forms. First a single channel narrative film that is less than 30 minutes. Second a multi-channel artistic video installation suitable for a museum and last it could be an online exhibition that is available to a global audience.