Dead End v.1

(In progress)

How do families change as death approaches? We recently developed a preliminary pilot for a dramatic feature film entitled "Dead End." Our purpose is to peel away the veneer of a family as they attempt to cope with the impending loss of a parent.

Music by Chad Neale

Reel (2.21min)

Short film ( 30min)

We recently complete a 118 page feature length script of the same title "Dead End".


American jazz musician, John Garrett is in the final days of his life. An ex-patriot living in Sweden since the 1960s, he has enjoyed a unique position as a beloved musician, both locally and internationally. His many years on the road as a younger man came at a cost to his family. Married twice, he fathered a son and two daughters. Now, as adults, each child struggles with John’s pending death.

The audience is carried along in a series of flashbacks that build and reveal the story’s complex conflicts and psychological unfolding. We also witness the highly contrasting differences between Sweden and America in this multi-cultural family with regard to perceptions of wealth, prestige, talent and self-image. At the same time, we share the individual emotional strain that the family members face – each in their own distinct way – as John rapidly fades, leaving them desperate for closure.

The use of internal dialogs and shifting time frames make it possible to dive deeply into these personalities. A gripping psychological tale emerges to reveal the emotionally hungry child hidden within each adult.